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Our Overseas Mission

For over thirty years SLPC has had a connection with the people and church in Zambia.

In more recent times we have developed a faith sharing relationship with the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) in Kitwe in the copper belt region of Zambia.

We are currently involved in three projects:

Sponsoring students training for ministry within the UCZ at the UCZ University, Mindolo, Kitwe.

Working with the Racecourse Community School, a school that caters for children from the local compound/shanty town.

With UCZ Mindolo Congregation.

See our Work Below


Rev Dr Kondolo, Vice Chancellor of the UCZ University, Nkaka Kasonde, Brian Musongolo, Rev Iain May. Nkaka and Brian are 2 of the divinity students being sponsored through their university courses by South Leith Parish Church.

Trainee Tailors

Iain and Arthur visiting skills workshops (tailoring) in St Stephen’s UCZ in Chomo in Southern Zambia.

Lecture to divinity students

Rev Iain May delivering a lecture to the divinity students at UCZ University in Kitwe.

Rev Iain and Mildred

Rev Iain May with Rev Mildred Syang’andu in her Church (St Paul’s) in the town of Kolomo in Southern Zambia. Mildred’s studies at UCZ University were sponsored by South Leith Parish Church. Mildred spent 6 months as a probationer minister at South Leith.

Rev Iain at UCZ HQ in Lusaka

Rev Iain May relaxing after delivering morning devotions at UCZ Synod Office in their new office complex in Lusaka. The General Secretary and the Synod Bishop is pictured along Iain and Rev Kondolo.

Trainee Cooks

Iain and Arthur visiting skills workshops (cooking) at St Stephen’s UCZ in Chomo in Southern Zambia.

Boys Brigade in Zambia

Members of The Boys’ Brigade company in St Paul’s UCZ in Kolomo (Mildred’s congregation).

Pens and pencils

Part of the supply of pens and pencils carried out to Kitwe in Zambia and presented to Sunday schools and the Racecourse School.